I first heard about Geocaching on Slashdot and have been caching off and on ever since. It's quite fun when I'm out hiking anyway to grab a list of caches in the area and try to find them while I'm up in the mountains.

If you are wondering what exactly Geocaching is, check out the FAQ.

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I use a Garmin eTrex Legend, along with my Handspring Visor.

Geocaching and Linux

I started writing a script to convert the .loc files downloaded from into a format that I could upload to my GPSr from my Linux box, but due to my limited understanding of the Perl XML stuff at the time, it never worked well. It required a fair amount of coddling to get the files to go through it properly. Fortunately, I was able to find a program to do exactly what I was trying to do. As a result, I abandoned my own project and now just use the excellent gpsbabel. It can read the .loc files and upload the waypoints to my GPSr, or write them to a file in any number of formats. Very nice.

I wrote a perl script to download the cache descriptions to my Handspring Visor. I'm not releasing it here, because now that the Geocaching site has pocket queries available, I don't think they like such things circulating the 'net. I can't really justify spending the money to subscribe, given the low frequency of my Geocaching excursions. If you ask me really nicely though, I may be persuaded to send the script to you.

I currently copy the information from the cache pages (from the script mentioned above) into memos on my Palm PDA. I have some intermittent motivation to work on a PalmOS program to help keep track of caches when I go out. I have a partially finished version of it that really isn't functional. Some day I will probably finish it. If you're interested, let me know. It'll get done sooner if I think it will help out others.

Aside from the basics of Geocaching and Linux, there are a variety of other GPS programs available for Linux, but since I don't take my laptop with me when I'm Geocaching, I haven't used them very extensively. bart's page o' geocaching has a good compilation of links if you're interested.

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