Linux on Toshiba Satellite 2100CDT

These pages document my experiences with installing Linux on my old Toshiba Satellite 2100CDT that I got back in February 2000. I no longer have the machine, but for the whole time I did, it was running Linux. The information here is now out-of-date (old distributions, etc), but I'm leaving it up in hopes that it might still be useful to someone.

In some of these pages, you'll notice that I've had problems getting PCMCIA to work properly. It worked fine with FreeBSD, and with the old stand-alone Linux PCMCIA drivers. It would not, however, work with the kernel PCMCIA drivers. I have since discovered, through experimentation and tips from readers of this site, that there is a BIOS option that you can change to get the Linux kernel PCMCIA stuff to work. Changing the "PC Card" setting to "Cardbus / 16-bit" solves the problem. The other two options ("PCIC Compatible" and "Auto") cause the system to lock up when trying to initialize the PCMCIA card services.

Slackware - This was one of my first installs on this machine.
RedHat - I had to revisit my first distribution. The installation has come quite far since then.
Debian - This is my favorite distribution, and the one that I run on my primary machine.